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Rountree Towers extends its comprehensive tower services to Kansas, offering specialized solutions for both commercial and residential sectors. We provide cutting-edge tower construction, quick and effective repair services, meticulous tower inspections for safety and compliance, and environmentally friendly demolition. Our Kansas services are tailored to enhance communication infrastructure and include the installation of advanced home security systems for increased safety and security across Kansas.

Commercial Services

  • Tower Build: Our Commercial Tower Build service is designed for robust and efficient construction, using cutting-edge technology and high-grade materials.
  • Tower Repair: We offer swift, effective repair services to maintain the operational integrity of commercial towers.
  • Tower Assessment/Inspection: Our comprehensive inspection services ensure safety and compliance, using advanced tools for detailed evaluations.

Residential Services

  • Tower Build: Tailoring to homeowners’ specific needs, we provide seamless and reliable residential tower construction services.
  • Tower Repair: Quick and efficient, our residential tower repair services ensure uninterrupted home communication systems.
  • Tower Demolition: Professional, safe, and environmentally compliant tower demolition services.
  • Tower Assessment/Inspection: Regular and thorough inspections to maintain the performance and safety of residential towers.
  • Additional Services: Advanced and customized home security systems for enhanced safety and peace of mind.