In today’s digital age, the significance of robust and reliable internet connectivity cannot be overstated. Among the various technologies enabling this connectivity, Internet towers play a pivotal role, especially in extending services to rural and remote areas. Rountree Towers, a company specializing in building Internet towers, stands at the forefront of this crucial infrastructure development. This blog aims to demystify the workings of Internet towers and underscore their importance in our interconnected world.

The Basics of Internet Towers

Internet towers, often referred to as fixed wireless antennas, are the backbone of wireless communication. These towers transmit and receive data over the air, connecting users to the internet without the need for wired connections like fiber or cable. The technology relies on a line-of-sight connection between the tower and the customer’s receiver. This direct visual link is essential for the signal’s integrity, ensuring that the data can travel back and forth without obstructions.

Importance of Line of Sight

For fixed wireless technologies to deliver optimal performance, a true line of sight is crucial. Rountree Towers emphasizes the need for mounting radios above the tree line to maintain this unobstructed connection. In rural settings, where the landscape is often dotted with tall trees and hills, achieving this line of sight might require installing equipment at heights exceeding the property’s roofline. This approach minimizes interference, ensuring a stable and reliable internet connection.

Overcoming Geographical Challenges

Rural properties, with their unique geographical features, present specific challenges. Tall trees and hills can hinder the line of sight necessary for a strong connection. Rountree Towers tackles these challenges head-on with comprehensive site surveys conducted before setup. These surveys are designed to identify potential obstructions and plan the installation accordingly, ensuring there are no surprises during the actual deployment of the tower and equipment.

The Role of Site Surveys

The site survey is a critical step in the process of setting up an Internet tower. It allows technicians to assess the property, understand the local geography, and determine the best location and height for the installation. By meticulously planning based on the site survey’s findings, Rountree Towers ensures that each tower is optimally placed for the best possible connectivity, even in the most challenging environments.

Technology Behind the Towers

Internet towers use a variety of technologies, including but not limited to microwave, millimeter-wave, and other radio frequencies, to transmit data. The choice of technology depends on several factors, including the distance to be covered, the terrain, and the desired bandwidth. Rountree Towers leverages the latest advancements in these technologies to provide fast, efficient, and reliable internet access to their clients.

The Impact on Rural Connectivity

For many rural communities, fixed wireless access facilitated by Internet towers is a game-changer. It brings high-speed internet to areas where traditional wired services are not feasible or economically viable. This connectivity supports local businesses, enhances educational opportunities, and improves access to healthcare services through telemedicine. The work of companies like Rountree Towers is instrumental in bridging the digital divide, ensuring that rural areas are not left behind in the digital era.

Looking Ahead

As demand for internet connectivity continues to grow, the role of Internet towers will become increasingly important. Innovations in wireless technology, such as 5G, promise to further enhance the capabilities and reach of fixed wireless services. Rountree Towers is committed to staying at the cutting edge of these developments, continually exploring new ways to improve and expand their services.


Internet towers are a critical component of the global network infrastructure, providing essential connectivity to both urban and rural areas. The meticulous planning and technological expertise of companies like Rountree Towers ensure that these towers deliver reliable service, overcoming geographical challenges and ensuring that communities everywhere have access to the digital world. As technology evolves, the potential of Internet towers to connect the unconnected and drive forward the digital revolution is boundless.